Song Of The Spheres

(For Christopher Okigbo)


Ecstatic cries echoed in the

Tube of the ears of the earth


And aroused this naked madness in me

Whispers of the winds and waves


And sent me swimming in the

Silence of the songs of the spheres


When you led me to the spring

Believing me a bard

Prince of the words of the world


And fed me sounds

In saucer strings

Spears of the light of the skies


You took me to the spring

Believing me a bard

Fierceness of the poetry of the beginning


The maddened sounds thunder

As they strike me

Pulsates of the poetry of the end

Umar is a poet and a naval officer. This poem is taken from his debut collection, Striking the Strings, due out early 2013 from Origami Press.

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