(For Elder (Mrs.) Ejigh Hart Osu Ugbaga)

They flow with passions

Rivers of life

They meet in Conclaves

Confluence of souls


Packed in colours

They arrive many shores

Their goals the same

To paint pieces of love


Some paint and mould

Their names in gold

Some melt their gold

And sell a thousand fold


Time’s breeze

Covers both with dust

In morrow’s washing streams

The golden name will always shine


This painting board, covets colours of love

As best you can, Rainbow it today

In tomorrow’s book,

We’d be, mere passers-by


One Good Day


Sixteen and Naïve

Hadiza and I played on dewy Monday morns

Nineteen, Bolder and Suave,

She bade farewell on sad Purdha grounds


1998, Ronke and I, made the news

She was the brown sugar, in my bitter coffee mug

We gladly shared September’s first kiss

She chilled later, in trays of January’s morgue


Adaeze’s stroll, greeted my sad 99,

To my boat, she was the calm after troubling storms,

Rocking my soul and paddling my spirits,

She mailed pictures in May of her newest noble prince


In today’s book

All three belles, live in ink

They feed on smiles which from lips always affirm

Every day’s breathe are great lovers of mine


One Thing I know beyond all doubt

Calms my nerves and soothes my heart

One good day, Tomorrow or the next

Love and I shall meet at last.

Tonye is a Port Harcourt-based poet.

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