Dennis Osadebe Avenue

(In memory of Edo State 2012 Gubernatorial elections)


Yesterday, men carried wishes with their thumbs

The days history feud men for fruits;

In the hours that crept away from dawn,

They stroked shoulders to a queasy queue;


Sun brewed on them as clouds perspired;

They took turns, deflowering virgin thumbs;

Cameras immortalized them for few hours;

Many searched eternity for the outcome;


“What will be will be” won’t survive here;

Man and fate must reach a compromise;

Few murmured, sat themselves on the fence,

But the remnant of these wishes will suffice;


As daylight purred at seduction of dusk,

Wishes weighed on numbered thumbs;

Of them all, one stood in-situ –

Was granted fair by everyone;


Jubilations birth screams in the air;

Do living mortals glimmer with eternity?

There’s a moment when all seems to unite –

Angels, heavens, and humanity.


Let today go down in history

When men carried wishes with their thumbs;

Undefiled, watered, bearing forth

Fruits harvested fair by everyone.


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