April Light


That was when I first took

a breath of life

The sun was full with a smile

 That moment earth was light

The green all bowed for a while

The fruits succulent in sight

April light

the moon greeted me in sight

There was my mother, my hero my knight.

Twenty six kisses was all that right.

For grandma

my cries was all delight

The birds sang before their evening flight

April light

I grew and found that which I like

Of straw berries, rasp berries black berries alike

Even adventure

was all I found endearing with might.


Tsunami of Blood


I sing a dirge for a pillar nation

My plateau never saw this face of war

Our laughter fall like metal  drops

Splashing the very milk of our smiling face

Uprooting the bond we adore

A tale of two tribes

Clash for aboriginals

Tribes that spit and smith thunder

Invoking the heart of peace

Look at my plateau

Look at her

Torn by hands of bows and arrows?

Where is our refuge?

Where are my folks?

Where are my brethren?

Our own very green land

Gushing this tsunami of blood



Salamatu Sule is one of the unique class of female writers emerging from Northern Nigeria. She lives and works in Kaduna, Kaduna State.














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