Ezeanah, Dibia to judge the first Sentinel Nigeria Writing Competitions.

We pleased to announce that poet Chiedu Ezeanah and novelist Jude Dibia will judge the maiden Sentinel Nigeria All-Africa Poetry and Short Story Competitions. The competitions modelled after the successful Sentinel Literary Quarterly writing competitions series will be open to African writers living anywhere on the continent and in the Diaspora, and will be run every three months.

Sentinel Poetry Movement has been running writing competitions since 2004, with the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry (since July 2009) and Short Story competitions (since January 2010) regular fixtures in the international competitions environment that prize excellent writing. It is our hope that the new Sentinel Nigeria competitions series will create a buzz within the African writing community and encourage more regular creative output.

Competition period

The first competitions will be announced in Sentinel Nigeria magazine on the 15th of August and will accept entries until the 30th of November, 2012. The results will be announced in Sentinel Nigeria in January 2012 and the winning poems and stories will be published in issue #13 of the magazine on in February 2013.


There will be prizes of N35,000 (First), N20,000 (second), N10,000 (third) and 3 high commendation prizes of N4,000 in each category. That is a total of N154,000 in combined prize fund for the quarter.


The winning and commended poems and short stories will be published in February 2013 in a new section of Sentinel Nigeria magazine to be known as Sentinel Nigeria Champions – a downloadable eBook which will be free to members of our Mailing List.  Hard copies of Sentinel Nigeria champions will be available for anyone who likes the feel of paper. Copyright to the published work will remain with the authors at all times.

To enter the competition now, visit www.sentinelnigeria.org/online/competitions


The Sentinel Nigeria All-Africa Poetry and Short Story competitions will be administered by SPAWN Media Services – a business style of Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria. SPAWN is Sentinel Poets, Artists and Writers Network.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, contact Nnorom Azuonye, Founder/Administrator, Sentinel Poetry Movement nnorom.azuonye@sentinelpoetry.org.uk 

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3 Responses to Ezeanah, Dibia to judge the first Sentinel Nigeria Writing Competitions.

  1. Anthony Oha says:

    I am surprised at the choice of Chiedu Ezeannah as one of the judges in Sentinel. He is an unpublished poet. His works can only be found in the pages of select newspapers. Even Niyi Osundare is disheartened about the fact that, Chiedu Ezeannah, one of the finest poets produced in the 90s in Nigeria is yet unpublished. Please select from the vast credible, prolific and published poets in Nigeria. As for Jude Dibia, he has paid his price. He is a very good choice. He is a unique writer who has chosen a path that thrived his unique themes. I recommend his choice with all vehemence. Just watch it, if you don’t change Chiedu Ezeannah, you might be judged as unserious because he is unserious.

    • Anthony, what do you refer to as a published poet? And where does it say anyway that to judge a poetry competition you must be a published poet? If by published you mean having published a book.

      In the June 2005 edition of Sentinel Poetry (Online) Niyi Osundare writes about Chiedu Ezeanah’s ‘The Twilight Trilogy’ Wanderings through Chiedu Ezeanah’s Triology” This referred to the book published supposedly published by Kraft Books in 2005. In any case, everybody, including Osundare admits that Chiedu Ezeanah is a masterful poet, and no, his poems are not just available in Nigerian newspapers, they have appeared in journals too. If the publishing of his book did not work out, it does not make him any less an accomplished poet, or negate his ability to be an excellent judge of poetry.

      Nnorom Azuonye

  2. This is very cheering. Sentinel is really doing good for Nigerian Literature. No more credible judges could have assigned this task than Jude and Ezeanah. Keep the good work people. Cheers!