Issue #14



The fourteenth issue of the Sentinel Nigeria Magazine berths after the burial of Chinua Achebe who is, without doubt and regardless of what Wole Soyinka says, the father of modern African Literature. Having discharged our duty to the great man, to the Eagle on Iroko, we return to the task of living and if we must live truly, of capturing the logic and dynamic of our time. Ours as heirs is the task of writing, of, if you permit the usage, literating.


This magazine is a feast of the natural heirs of Chinua Achebe, a quarterly gathering of the most talented of those writers inspired beyond the common and ordinary inspiration. The twelve word-weavers gathered here capture the live issues of Nigeria and Africa in their own individual but ultimately collaborative ways and it is possible and easy to find a common plumb line running through even when our call for submissions had no specified theme, as is our tradition. Full editorial: In the Wake of Great men



Pearl Osibu –  The Screaming and the Darkness

T J Benson – The Stool


Regina Achie Nege – Two Poems

Echezonachukwu Nduka – Two Poems

Tares Banigoe Oburumu – April Splendours

Ejiofor Ugwu – Two Poems

Uchechukwu Agodom – Two Poems

Nwakanma Chika – His-Story

Nzube Ifechukwu – The Crown of Halo

Kelvin Kellman – Four Poems


Kwabena Ayegare – Untitled


Hassan Sidi Al Maghili – Garden of the Reader


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