About us

Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria (SLMN) was established on November 15, 2009 as the Nigerian chapter of Sentinel Poetry Movement. Sentinel Poetry Movement has been a key player in the international literary scene since December 2002 and the establishment of SLMN is the first step in a planned global planting of national chapters of the movement.

The time is right for Sentinel to begin this journey in Nigeria and contribute its little bit to the development of Nigerian literature. Richard Ali is a young man who shares the passion and vision of Sentinel founder Nnorom Azuonye. He has the double burden of serving as the first Administrator of Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria and Editor of the movement’s online magazine; Sentinel Nigeria.

In accepting the challenge, Richard summed up his mission as; “…to join in the expansion of the Sentinel stable. To add perhaps my energy and optimism and whatever else is needed to create something that will outlast us all.”

Sentinel Literary Movement of Nigeria is set to galvanise the Nigerian literary environment through discussions, lectures, symposia, debates, critiques and publication of the very best in contemporary Nigerian writing. Our goal is to become the Number 1 destination for Nigerian literature.

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